Scam & Fraud Prevention

Anyone who accesses the internet should always be on the look out for phishing and identity theft scams. By knowing the warning signs of a scam and practicing common sense, Internet users can keep themselves and their information safe.

Anti-phishing Recommendations

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Scams come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of sophistication. However, they all share the common goal of exploiting people for money, and the victims are the ones who pay the price. Being informed and aware are our best defenses against scammers.

Fraudsters are getting trickier by the day!

For example, did you know that scammers can make their caller ID display a different name or number?

That’s right! They can even make it display names like: “Social Security Administration” or “Hello Credit Union.” The screen may also display a known or stored phone number.

It is best to always keep your guard up when you receive phone calls about your account or any other personal matter, especially if the caller starts to ask you for private information like passwords or PIN numbers.

Personal information may be solicited on a call you make to us, but Hello Credit Union will never call you and ask you for your:

Here are a few simple tips that can help consumers avoid becoming a victim:

If you ever get an uneasy feeling during an unsolicited phone call, please hang up and call us directly at 850-785-6103 or stop by our main office.

If you happen to accidentally give your information to someone you do not believe should have it, please give us a call ASAP.